Software and Demos


The CISpaces toolkit is available open source via GitHub. The repositories for this software are here:

CISpaces v2.0 Demo video (no commentary)

CISpaces v2.0 was re-engineered to use a web-based interface, has refined algorithms, natural language generation functionality, and integrates the fact extraction service as an information input. This is a video of its use with a simple non-combatant evacuation scenario.

CISpaces v1.0 Demo video

CISpaces v1.0 was developed from 2013-2016, and used for evaluation with analysts. This is a video of this tool based on a scenario  developed with the help of experienced professional intelligence analysts and based on the investigation of water contamination in the fantasy city of Kish.

Fact Extraction Live Demo

This is a live interactive demo of the Journalist Decision Support System (JDSS) which includes fact extraction from breaking news events. Facts extracted and visualized from emerging news stories include incident reports, sightings of actors like gunmen, numbers of casualties and eyewitness reports. The underlying fact extraction software used in JDSS is also integrated into CISpaces.